Tiffany Justice (Moms for Liberty)

Tiffany Justice

Tiffany Justice

Tiffany Justice is an activist and host of the shows Joyful Warrior and War Mom, as well as co-founder of the organization called Moms for Liberty here in the United States.

The organization (Moms for Liberty) basically ensures that parents have proper liberty and parental rights over their little cute children in the education or primary schools of America.

Moreover, Tiffany owns the ideology of the right wing and supports the Republican Party. Thus, she is a critic of little children choosing their gender identity in their teenage age group.

On the other hand, left-wing ideology, or the so-called secular party (Democrats), is totally in favor of allowing teenage children to choose their gender identity in their schools or colleges.

Besides, Tiffany hosts a podcast show called Joyful Warrior and War Mom on her YouTube channel. Alongside, featured in others like Patrick Bet David and so on. To discuss and spread awareness regarding the burnt issues.

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Basics Descriptions

Name:Tiffany Justice
College/University:John Kennedy University, Ohio, USA
Educational Qualification:Graduates
Birth Place:Canton, Ohio, United States of America
Month, Date, and Year of Birth:August 24, 1977
Father:John Schlapkohl (Teacher)
Mother:Patricia Schlapkohl (Social Worker)
Siblings:Brother: N/A; Sister: Brigid Schlapkohl
Boyfriend:Matt Justice (Entrepreneur)
Husband:Matt Justice (m. 2002)
Children (s):Daughter (s): Emma Justice & Hannah Justice; Son (s): William Justice & Grace Justice
Tiffany Justice Photos Gallery

Tiffany Justice Married

Well, almost 47 years old Miss Tiffany was born in Canton Ohio, United States and Completed the Schools or Colleges from their and now currently in India River County, Florida, USA.

Further, maybe she could have a multiple s*x cum Boyfriends in her School, Colleges time (Because it is common here in the USA to have Sex before Marriage). But there’s no such information available in public.

However, if we come to our point that “Tiffany Justice Married”. Then yes she is a Married woman with a decent guy named Matt Justice.

In result, gave a birth of four Childrens, two is Sons (William Justice & Grace Justice) and two daughters (Emma Justice & Hannah Justice). Following intercourse with her boyfriend cum Husband) Mr. Justice.

Tiffany Justice Height, Age, Body Measurements, Weight

  • Height: ‘5’5′
  • Body Measurements: Boobs size: 36 Inches; Belly size: 24 Inches; Waist size: 36 Inches
  • Eyes Color: Brown
  • Weight: 130 Pounds
  • Skin tone: Cool White
  • Age: 47 Years Old (as of 2024)
  • Hair Color: Hazel Brown
Tiffany Justice’s Net Worth

Well, Miss Tiffany is a common American citizen who works independently as a Host of 2 well-listened or Watched Podcast. Alongside, participate in e-media debates or appear in the Podcast (Patrick Bet David), etc. And runs a non-profit organization called Moms for Liberty.

Thus, it means by doing this kind of jobs will not allow you to make a Hundred or a thousand USD. As compared to performing traditional jobs. Like corporate jobs, government officials, etc.

However, if you still deep in to get an overall idea of her Net Worth on the basis of things she performed. Then it could be approximately close to $1 USD Dollars including other sources of Income. For example: receiving public funds for mission etc.

Favorite Things
Political Inclination:Republican Party
Politician (s):Donald Trump, Former President (United States of America), George W Bush, Former President (USA)
Travel Places:Miami, New York, California
Foods/Cuisines:Cow, Buffalo (Beef), Chipotle, Tacos, Pizza
Tiffany Justice Official Website, Social Media Pages and Profiles

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