Lunden Roberts (Hunter Biden)

Lunden Roberts

Introduction! Lunden Roberts (born. 1985) is a wonderful woman and has been the girlfriend and mother of the Hunter Biden daughter in August 2018. But do people really know about this beautiful lady? Many people would have an idea about she is a mother, giving birth to a cute, beautiful baby girl. And got part … Read more

Matt Taibbi (Useful Idiots)

Matt Taibbi

Introduction! Matt Taibbi (born.1970) is a straight forward and daring kind of Author, Journalist, podcaster as well as Russian Historian in the United States of America. But do people really know about the dashing journalist? Most people probably know little about the Matt that he is a journalist, author of several best seller Books. And … Read more

Katharine Birbalsingh (Michaela School Teacher)

Katharine Birbalsingh

Katharine’s Intro Katharine Birbalsingh (born. 1973) is a British school teacher, speaker, political commentator, and right-winger in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, Miss Katharine is not just a teacher at the renowned Michaela School. But she thinks beyond it, like how to make good cultural or traditional, disciplined children. So, they lead society and the nation … Read more

Alina Habba (Lawyer)

Alina Habba

Alina Habba Alina Habba is a known personality, patriot, right-wing political commentator, debater, spokesperson for Save America, and lawyer in the United States of America. Further, Miss Alina is an official spokesperson for Save America. The slogan’s made Republicans target voters. The way Democrats. And the Biden government misuse the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) … Read more

Christina Bobb (Attorney General)

Christina Bobb

Christina Bobb Christina Bobb (Born. 1985) is a young hot Lawyer, Attorney General, Author, and right-wing ideology advocate in the United States of America. Further, Christina is advocating in the Supreme Court for the former Bold American President, Mr. Donald Trump. Trump has been charged with illegal transactions. For business-related purposes during his Presidential Term. … Read more