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Matt Taibbi

Matt Taibbi (born.1970) is a straight forward and daring kind of Author, Journalist, podcaster as well as Russian Historian in the United States of America. But do people really know about the dashing journalist?

Most people probably know little about the Matt that he is a journalist, author of several best seller Books. And podcaster of the most watched show Useful Idiots. Is it valuable to know more about the daring journalist?

Matt Taibbi was born in Massachusetts in a middle-class family. And seek a education in Russia History from Bard University. Moreover, he is kind a most Net Worth scoring senior journalist here in United States.

Alongside, Matt Taibbi is meant to be the true Journalist, lived in the Russian federation. And has been part of known publication The Exile. And used to be the critics of America, America Politics and Culture etc. once in the past.

Moreover, it would be interesting to know his political Inclination, ideology and his contribution to The Twitter Files. Alongside, his health, physical Appearances etc.

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1. Basic Descriptions

Name:Matt Taibbi
Occupation:Author, Journalist, Podcaster, Host
Known for:The Twitter Files, Useful Idiots
Birth’s Place:Massachusetts, USA
Hometown:New Jersey, United States of America
2. Matt Taibbi’s Work or Family Gallery

3. Matt Taibbi Family

Well, Mr. Taibbi was born (March 2, 1970) and raised in Massachusetts, United States of America in the middle-class family. And completed his schooling, College degree in Russian History from the known college Bard University, Massachusetts.

Moreover, in his nuclear family there was a father Mike Taibbi and Mother Siobhan Walsh. Alongside, he has a beautiful or hot sister Maia Taibbi with no brother or step brother.

Further, if you talk about his girlfriend or girlfriends. Then there’s no such data available in public or even disclosed by him. But he has a hot, beautiful or charming wife Jeanne Taibbi. Along with, a cute daughter Madeline Taibbi. But there’s Son in the family yet.

4. Matt Taibbi Net Worth

Well, before getting into it. Let’s get to know a bit about his journalism journey since 1990s. As he worked in the Russian federation-controlled media (The Exile) to some of the USA News Publications or News Channels. And currently hosting a popular show or podcast The Useful Idiots.

Anyway, after seeing all of these achievements by Mr. Matt will help us to know about his Net Worth. So, his current annual income is about $2 to $3 million USD Dollars alongside other income. Like, freelance journalism, Books Royalty etc.

5. The Exile (Matt Taibbi)

In the year of early 1990s the senior journalist used to be the crucial part of the Newspaper named The Exile. Most of their job to criticize the American Policy of foreign affairs, imposed sanction on poor countries, Demonstrates Politics as well as Republican Party leaders.

Further, try to influence the American Policy over Middle East, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iran, India, Saudi Arabia and so on & on. All of this happened because the press was under control by the Soviet Union.

And, it is still counties as the current popular Russia Today television channel is still controlled by the Russian (Putin) Government. As they can’t aired the news before getting permission by President Putin (current supreme leader of the Russia).

6. Political Inclination

So, to get to know his political views or inclination. We have visited his Podcast Channel, Website, or social media profiles or pages (X, Facebook, Instagram, Thread etc.)

And what we found there, he has an inclination with far-right wing or patriotism ideology. And he criticizes the Democrats and their policy on various issues. Like, Mexico-USA border without papers immigration, economy, culture, tradition etc.

7. The Twitter Files

The Twitter Files were quite controversial events owned by the Entrepreneur or Business Giants (Elon Musk). As this was begun to investigate the banning the top world leader Twitter account, Suspend the Account to other ideological people tweets etc.

And he (Matt Taibbi) was one of the crucial parts of the Investigation among several senior journalists who were investigating the biases by the former company owner.

8. Useful Idiots (Podcast)

After he had done the tremendous work above, we discussed. He is currently a part of the popular or famous show or podcast (Useful Idiots) with the co-host Katie Halper.

In which they discuss the Geo-Politics, Politics, policy of the current president Joe Biden on various issues. Alongside, American culture and tradition or around 250 years. By calling the experts from the different fields.

9. Physical Appearances

In the year of 2024, he (Taibbi) is currently completed 54 years old age (as he was born in March 2, 1970). And in these years, he lost his front hair and looked a bit aged.

However, he has still maintained himself as a young 35 years old person. But we talk about his basic body structure like Chest size, Waist size, Eye Color etc.

Then, his Chest size is around 46 Inches, Waist size 35 Inches and Biceps 16 Inches. Further, his eyes Color is Brown, skin tone: Warm White, Height: ‘5’10’, Weight: 180 lbs. and Hair color (bald).

10. Matt Taibbi Books
  • Wild Clown President
  • I Can’t Breathe
  • Spanking the Donkey
  • Smells Like Dead Elephants
11. Matt Taibbi Official Website, Social Media Profiles and Pages

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