Alina Habba (Lawyer)

Alina Habba

Alina Habba

Alina Habba is a known personality, patriot, right-wing political commentator, debater, spokesperson for Save America, and lawyer in the United States of America.

Further, Miss Alina is an official spokesperson for Save America. The slogan’s made Republicans target voters. The way Democrats.

And the Biden government misuse the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) or Central Investigative Agency (CIA). To take down your possible President Donald Trump from the November 2024 presidential election.

Moreover, she is a far-right ideology Party (Republican Party) supporter. This owns the ideology of nationalism: America First, Save Children to be Turned into LGBTQIA+; Ban on Abortion. As well as propagate Christianity’s ideology among American citizens.

On the other hand, she criticizes Democratic Party ideology. The way they are destroying Christianity, Traditions, culture, traditions.

And the Mexico-USA border and totally failed over Foreign Policy or other issues of the Democrats at every stage. Whether it is in Debate with Fox News, Podcast or on the zero ground.

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Basic Descriptions

Name:Alina Habba
Occupation:Lawyer, Spokesperson, Politician
College/University:Lehigh University, New Jersey, USA
Birth Place:Summit, New Jersey, United States of America
Month, Date, & Year of Birth:November 30, 1983
Father:Kamal Habba (Entrepreneur)
Mother:Sose Habba (Teacher)
Siblings:Brother: Michael Habba; Sister: Sheena Habba
Boyfriend:Dr. Ajit G. Nittur
Husband:Dr. Ajit G. Nittur (m. 2009)
Children:Son: Neil Habba; Daughter: 1 (Name Not Known)
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Alina Habba Legal Background

Well, Miss Habba was born and raised in Summit, New Jersey, USA. And complete the primary, secondary, higher secondary education, and law degree from a college or university from there.

Moreover, she has been practicing the laws for a year and viewing her eyes on the President Trump cases as well. And he has currently turned into a lawyer, politician, and prominent spokesperson for saving America.

And put the ideology of Trump and Republican Party views on society and Security issues on the electronic media, Print media, social media platforms, as well as on the ground among people.

Alina Habba Height, Age, Body Measurements, and weight

  • Height: ‘5’6′
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Body Measurements: Boobs size: 36 Inches; Belly size: 24 Inches; Waist size: 36 Inches
  • Age: 40 Years Old (as of 2024)
  • Skin tone: Cool White
  • Weight: 130 Pounds
  • Eyes Color: Brown
Alina Habba’s Net Worth

Well, it is true that Miss. Alina is a rising lawyer cum politician of the USA. The way she is active and dedicated for the laws profession as well as Politics for the Republican Party.

Moreover, Former President Donald Trump November 2024 Political Campaigns on the ground or other methods. Like: Twitter, Podcast (Patrick Bet David), e-media (Fox News) and so on.

Anyway, if you come to the point that “What is the Net Worth of Alina”. Then, according to the information available to public. She earned close to $1 million USD, including other sources of Income. For example, Book Royalty, Investment in Stocks real estate, etc.

Favorite Things
Politician (s):Donald Trump, Former President (United States of America), George W Bush, Former President (USA)
Political Inclination:Republican Party
Hobbies:Reading Books, Traveling
Author:Miranda Devine
Foods/Cuisines:Cow, Buffalo (Beef), Tacos, Chipotle, Pizza, Burger
Sports:Football, Volleyball
Alina Habba Official Website, Social Media Profiles and Pages
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  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • TikTok
  • Instagram

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