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Neil Oliver

Neil Oliver (born. 1967) is an internet media personality, author, host, podcaster, historian, journalist, and YouTuber from Ayr, Scotland, United Kingdom (UK).

Next, he is a historian (especially having a great command over Scotland, Ireland, England, and Wales). Therefore, he made several documentaries and wrote a number of books regarding them.

For instance, what was the ancient Britain and how it is ruled or developed the four continents (Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England). Or other its colonial nations like India, Africa, China, USA, Canada etc.

Besides, Mr. Oliver is kind of aligned with a far-right political party (the Conservative Party). As he supports their ideology of Nationalism, Britain should first stop immigration, various issues in Social Media Platforms, zero ground, etc.

At the same time, criticize the labor party of the UK. On their destruction policies for the nations or in society. As the labor party proposed the idea of welcoming immigrants, encouraging LGBTQIA, eradicating the monarchy, etc.

Moreover, as he is a podcaster he hosts a show called (The Neil Oliver Show) on YouTube, where they cover various topics like Society issues, Political Events, Geopolitics etc.

Alongside, appeared with the other podcast (The Tucker Carlson Network). To discuss the burning topics: How Bank took over Umpire, Truth about WW2, COVID and Brexit etc.

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Basic Descriptions

Name:Neil Oliver
Birth Place:Renfrewshire, Scotland, UK
Date of Birth:February 21, 1967
College/University:University of Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
Girlfriend:Natalia Oliver (Author)
Wife:Natalia Oliver (m. 1992)
Children (s):Son (s): Archie Oliver & Teddy Oliver; Daughter: Evie Oliver
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Neil Oliver Net Worth

Well, Mr. Neil is a Wikipedia himself. The way he has a information regarding United Kingdom continents (Scotland, Ireland, Wales or England). You have to click and you will get a series of documentaries and Books (written by him).

Apart from historian side, he is an anchor, at GB News, Host a show called The Neil Oliver Show, Political Commentator, Podcaster and so on and on.

However, after covering all these works followed by Mr. Oliver. Now it is time to go to your question “What is the Net Worth to Mr. Oliver?“. Then according to the data available, he makes approx. £2 to £3 million Pounds.

Alongside, other sources of Income. For instance, royalty from books, investment in real life or Stock Market, Brand promotion or ambassadors and freelance journalism.

Favorite Things

  • Political Inclination: Conservative Party of UK
  • Politician (s): Rishi Sunak, Prime Minister of United Kingdom; and David Cameroon, Former Prime Minister of UK
  • Hobbies: Traveling, Reading Books
  • Author (s): Jordan B Peterson and Tucker Carlson
  • Foods/Cuisines: Cow, Buffalo (Beef), Camel Meat, Pizza, Burger
  • Ideology subscribe: Far Right Wing
  • Sports: Cricket, Football
What Political Party does Neil Oliver support?

Well, as a journalist, author, historian, media personality. It is his duty to raise the all issues which is related to the common citizen of United Kingdom. But as these media industry got commercialized for 3 to four decades.

It has tested the corruption deeply inside. And it has the issue with all the journalists or giants or small media group around the Globe.

However, if we come to the question that “what political party does Neil Oliver support?”. The as per the activity to the Mr. Oliver over his Social Media Profiles and Pages or Books, Podcast, Interview, TV Shows.

It is clearly shows that he is align with the Conservative Party; who propagate the ideology of far-right wing, nationalist, support the monarchy, stopping the foreign immigrants etc.

Neil Oliver Height, Age, Measurements, Weight
Age:57 Years Old (as of 2024)
Skin tone:Cool White
Measurements:Biceps size: 18 Inches; Chest size: 44 Inches; & Waist size: 37 Inches
Hair Color:White-Grey
Eyes Color:Green-blue
Neil Oliver Official Website, Social Media Profiles and Pages

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