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Kent Hovind

Kent Hovind

Kent Hovind is a known Christian Evangelist, debater, Philosopher, Baptist, and author of several books of the United States of America.

As a deep-research author, He has written several Books regarding Christianity in his entire life to promote the Christian Religion around the Globe.

And the Books comes Up with: What on Earth is about to Happen… for heaven sake? The Great Pumpkin, Kailey and Grandpa visit Israel, Postulating Christ, When I was a Boy: The Magic Globe Series, How Do We Draw with Evolution? and more such Books wrote by the Author.

Moreover, as he is a master of the Christian religion. Thus, he used to answer the questions raised by the non-believers in debates, podcasts, Interview, and events here in USA.

For instance, the dinosaur theory in Bible, Evolution, and Earth earth are mentioned in Bible, Biblical Timeline. And more such burning questions were answered smoothly by Mr. Hovind in any event, whether it was Online or offline, for that matter.

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Basic Descriptions

Name:Kent Hovind
Occupation:Evangelist, Author
School/College:Midwestern Baptist College, Chicago, United States of America
Educational Qualification:Graduate
Birth Place:Chicago, USA
Hometown:New York, USA
Month, Date & Years of Birth:January 15, 1953
Sexual Orientation:Heterosexual, Straight (Because Christians normally hate LGBTQIA++)
Father:Charles Hovind (Evangelist, Pastor)
Mother:Jean Hovind (Nun)
Girlfriend:Mary Tocco and Sandra Jo Hovind (Teacher)
Wife:Mary Tocco (Divorce), Sandra Jo Hovind
Children (s):Eric Hovind, Marlissa Hovind, and Kent Andrew Hovind
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Where did god come from, kent hovind?

Well, this is a burning question asked to Dr. Hovind in an event by the host or a question of millions of non-believers, atheists, free thinkers, women, or even Christians.

Anyway, as Dr. Hovind has expertise in it,. Thus, He answer to this question in detail: “He is a God; he created this planet, Human beings, Animals, or even a single aspect of it”.

Therefore, He (God) is like everywhere, like in your bedroom, Living Room, Drawing Room, Apartment, Villa, Bungalow, and forest. Thus, it is silly silly Ness to ask, “Where did God come from?” He is everywhere 24/7.

Kent Hovind Age, Body Measurements, Weight, and height

  • Age: 71 Years Old (As of 2024)
  • Body Measurements: Chest size: 52 Inches; Waist size: 44 Inches; Biceps size: 16 Inches
  • Weight: 180 Pounds
  • Height: ‘5’10’
  • Skin Color: Warm White
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Blonde
Kent Hovind’s Net Worth

When it comes to get to know about the Net Worth of Dr. Hovind,. Then it would be better to know his designation and command in this area. Well, He is an evangelist and has expertise in the Bible or Christianity religion.

Therefore, He used to ask to debate with the non-believers or atheist in the events or even in the Podcast (which we have mentioned above in Details)

Anyway, if you talk about the actual Annual Income to the evangelist,. Then you can say around $1 million USD, including other sources of Income.

As the believers are scared of God to go in Hell following death,. Therefore, they used to donate 1/4 of their income to the Churches to spread this religion around the Globe.

Or you can say directly or indirectly would have been beneficial for this kind of evangelist, pastor or Baptist you can say.

Kent Hovind Official Website, Social Media Profiles and Pages

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