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Christina (Overview)

Christina Bobb

Christina Bobb (Born. 1985) is a young hot Lawyer, Attorney General, Author, right wing ideology propogatethe in the United States of America.

Further, Christina is advocating in the Supreme Court for the former Bold American President, Mr. Donald Trump. Trump has been charged with illegal transactions. For business-related purposes during his Presidential Term

Moreover, he allegedly molest or s*x without consent with the known Porn Star Stormy Daniels during an event about 2 decades ago.

She has gotten back-up support from the Democrats or Biden government to disqualify Trump from fighting for the next November 2024 presidential election.

But it looks like nothing is going to be against Trump. It is just political vandalism via Democrats. And their senator, congressman, or governor. Claimed by the Republicans during their campaign. (or public events).

Anyway, Christina claimed to be patriotic. And a crucial part of the Republican Party. Attorney general for Republican National Committee (RNC) for 2024 Election.

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Basic Descriptions

Name:Christina Bobb
Profession:Lawyer, Author, Mariner, Politician
College/University:Arizona State University, Arizona, USA
Educational Qualification:Bachelor of Arts in English Literature
Birth Place:Louisville, Kentucky, United States of America
Hometown:Washington, D.C., USA
Month, Date, and Year of Birth:November 4, 1985
Ideology:Right wing, American Patriotism
Sexual Orientation:Heterosexual, Straight
Siblings:Brother: N/A, Sister: Jennifer Bobb
Boyfriend/Husband:Robert Tate (Entrepreneur)
Children (s):Not Yet
Christina Bobb Pictures Gallery

Is Christina Bobb married?

Well, Christina is a hot, young lady who is just 39 years old. She was born on November 4, 1985. And when it comes to whether she is married or still single,.

Thus, she is just enjoying her Bachelor life or spending much time to her Political or legal Career. And aims to wins 2024 Presidential Election under former President Donald Trump (as she is an attorney for RNC as well).

Furthermore, most importantly, there’s no such data available to the public. Christina is a married woman. Thus, you can say that she is a Bachelor now.

Christina Bobb Height, Age, Body Measurements, Weight

  • Height: ‘5’7′
  • Age: 39 years old (as of 2024)
  • Body Measurements: Boobs size: 26 Inches; Belly size: 26 Inches; Waist size: 36 Inches
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Eyes Color: Green-blue
  • Skin tone: Warm White
Christina Bobb Net Worth

Well, Christina is a known Lawyer and a crucial member of the Republican Party. And have a close relationship with Former President Donald Trump (As she has been his lawyer for several cases against him in the Courts).

Alongwith, attorney general for Republican National Committee and author of few known Books, served in Millitary as an US Mariner.

Having said that, if you get deep down to know her Net Worth as per success she achieved,. Then, according to the data, she owns $450, 000 to $500, 000, Including other sources of Income. Like investing in Stocks real states, etc.

Favorite Things
Political Inclination:Republican Party
Politician (s):Donald Trump, Former President (United States of America), George W Bush, Former President (USA)
Hobbies:Traveling, Reading Books
Author:Miranda Devine (Journalist)
Foods/Cuisines:Cow, Buffalo (Beef), Tacos, Chipotle, Pizza, Burger
Sports:Golf, Football
Christina Bobb Official Website, Social Media Pages and Profiles

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