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Bodie Hodge

Bodie Hodge

Bodie Hodge is a tremendous speaker and the author of several books regarding Christianity and social issues in the United States of America.

His book, “The War on Christmas,” is the most popular among the Books. Like, The Bible is True, Glass House, How Do We Know, A Flood of Evidence, Confounded the Critics, A Fall of Satan, and The Power of Babel etc.

In these Books of each Pages, questions on the existence of the Jesus Christ (Son of God), Bible, and its Verses.

Moreover, claims to Jesus Christ will arrive when the heavy flood experienced by believers only. Which is exposed, Mr. Hodge, by providing several instances with proof and so on.

Anyway, He is a Speaker also this used to participate in the Interviews or holds his Questions & Answers show called “Answers in Genesis”.

In which he answers each questions asking by the Believers in details. And try to make satisfied them with proper answer.

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Basic Descriptions

Name:Bodie Hodge
Occupation (s):Author & Speaker
Educational Qualification:Graduate in Communication
Religion:Ex-Christian, Atheist
Birth Place:Illinois, United States of America
Hometown:NYC, New York, USA
Month, Date & Year of Birth:November 21, 1974
Sexual Orientation:Heterosexual, Straight
Parents:Mr. & Mrs. Hodge
Girlfriend:Renee Hodge
Wife:Renee Hodge (Australian Homemaker)
Children (s):3 Hot Daughters (Name Not Known)

Bodie Hodge Family

Well, Bodie Hodge was born in a catholic extreme family and raised in one of the smart City Illinois United States of America. Later on, married to a known lady Renee Hodge (Homemaker).

Further, when it comes to get to know about his siblings. Then there’s not much information available or disclose by him in the public forum. However, he owns the three beautiful daughters (Name Not Known) alongside no sons in the children forms.

Bodie Hodge Age, Height, Body Measurements, Height

Age:49 Years Old
Body Measurements:Biceps: 18 Inches; Chest size: 54 Inches; Waist size: 42 Inches
Skin Color:Warm White
Eye Color:Brown
Weight:210 Pounds
The Hodge’s Net Worth

Mr. Hodge is a noted name in the writing community. As he made his name by writing the several books (Which we have mentioned above in Details). Alongwith the fire brand speaker address the every single Answer in Genesis or Interview and Podcast.

This, if you acquire the knowledge of Net Worth to the Author on the basis of position He hold in the Industry. Then it can be possibility to made the 500 to 750 thousand USD Dollars alongside other sources of Income. For instances, Royalty from the several Books, Investmen, Sponsorship, Brands promotion etc.

Favorite Things
Author:Kent Hovind
Hobbies:Reading Books
Foods/Cuisines:Cow, Buffalo (Beef), Chipotle, Pizza, Burger, Soft Drinks
Sports:Golf, Football
Political Inclination:Democrats
Politician (s):John F Kennedy (Former President, United States of America), Barack Hussein Obama (Former President, USA)
The Bodie’s Website, Social Media Profiles and Pages

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